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Movement Foundation Series

Movement Methodology developed by Analii Cunningham

Third Saturdays, 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Feb 18, Mar 18, April 15, May 20
Denver Turnverein, 2570 N Clarkson
$25 each 2-hour class



“Movement is a language”. Our body naturally desires to move with expression and fluency, though at times not capable of primal foundation, gesture, intent and access to what we have made unavailable for many reasons beyond the physical.


Are you fluent in your body's language?

How does it affect your physical expression fluency and interpretation in Tango? How does our nervous system impact connection to ourselves and each other?


Analii is offering a series of unique classes that will go beyond physical training and “technique”.


She will guide participants through a method that explores the limitless possibilities of movement that are unique to the individual.






















Analii has put together movement foundation concepts from her life-long exploration and training in contemporary modern dance, ballet, somatic movement therapy and education to offer a class specific to her own experience evolving Argentine Tango. The primary focus will be on accessing the “whole body-mind experience”.


Throughout the series each class will have repetition of material with expanded concepts and movement exercises designed for home/solo practice.


Topics to include:


Language as gesture – Gesture as movement

  • Natural gesture in joints

  • Breath and bones

  • Spiral outlet and continuity

  • Moving micro to macro

  • Movement intention walking forward and backward

  • Movement flow sequencing allowing what is natural to occur

  • Musicality and “tissue rhythm and cadence”

  • Application to Tango


Gravity, grounding and “receiving through the floor”

  • Joint, gesture release

  • Breath, bones and expansion

  • Spiral spine

  • Progression to fast from slow

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