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Every gesture in life has authenticity.

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Join me for a discussion on gesture and authenticity. 

About Analii

“Movement should feel good and should feel productive.”

Analii Cunningham has long been fascinated with the way people move. In fact, she’s spent the past 30 years looking at the body and how others move. Today, with a degree in Dance from the University of Boulder and certifications in yoga, dance, kinesthetic movement, and Somatics, Analii works to help others enhance their movement quality through movement therapy and education.

Inspired by her love of dance, artistry and movement, Analii has created a unique form of therapy. When she speaks of how the body moves, she uses dance to help people better understand the connections in their bodies. In fact, through tango, Analii has been able to help others rediscover movement and flow in their bodies that they thought were lost.

Unlike other programs that focus solely on the physical aspect of therapy, Analii’s work uses somatics, the emotional connection to one’s body, to improve posture and movement. Her micro-movement techniques allow individuals to identify and release the smallest and seemingly insignificant restrictions that are vital to restoration of natural function and “access” to build strength.

“Through the healing and recovery of her own injury (knee), that almost shut Analii down from her passion of dance, she explored the concept of tissue geometry and fascia through movement improvisation and Argentine Tango. This has become one of the vehicles of melding Analii’s artistic interests and structural recovery of her knee. Three years ago she was considering a partial knee replacement and currently without surgery, is back with a level of advanced movement technique and finesse that she never dreamed possible.”

Her work melds together a variety of therapies, yoga, and dance. These techniques assist individuals in reconnecting to the most efficient ways of moving and help them to improve their natural posture.

With her clients' best interests in mind, Analii will often collaborate with other practitioners in the area. Highly respected throughout the medical and therapy community in Western Colorado, and known as a "bridge practitioner" Analii’s goal is to support clients in healing so that they can move forward in their lives, both physically and emotionally.  


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