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Restored Knee without Surgery

Arthritis, inflammation and lack of functional mobility especially in the knee joint can shut down activity, cause pain and fear of moving. Secondary to this but a reality is carrying the extra weight from the lack of activity. Does this apply to you or someone you know?

My story: A Restored Knee without surgery

Side view prior to Protandim - clumps, inflammation and congestion. Front view left knee - inflammation, fibrotic tissue quality made it challenging to rehabilitate due to the fixed alignment that caused bone on bone shearing. 

Left knee on the image below......imposter knee?..... no, a restored knee without surgery and a happy me!

I am grateful for the restoration that allows me to "enjoy and excel" in my activities again with confidence!

We cannot make claims that we treat, cure or mitigate disease but can claim that Protandim reduces oxidative stress in 30 days by 40% all humans. Interested in learning more? Click here to shop.

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